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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Least count of vernier height gauge is
A. 0.01 mm
B. 0.02 mm
C. 0.05 mm
D. 0.10 mm

2. To get least count of 5' in a vernier bevel protractor, the 23 main scale are divided into
A. 12 equal parts on vernier scale
B. 22 equal parts on vernier scale
C. 24 equal parts on vernier scale
D. 25 equal parts on vernier scale

3. While hardening, after heating the steel to the required temperature, it is held at that temperature as soaking time for normally
A. 5 minutes for 10 mm thickness
B. 10 minutes for 5 mm thickness
C. 2 minutes for 20 mm thickness
D. 20 minutes for 2 mm thickness

4. Spot-facing is done to
A. deburr the mouth of the drilled hole.
B. Make surface flat so that bolt head can take proper seat on the surface
C. give fine finish to the drilled hole.
D. enlarge the existing hole.

5. Which one of the following machine reamers is used to correct the misalignment between the reamer axis and the work axis ?
A. Floating blade reamer
B. Shell reamer
C. Machine jig reamer
D. Chucking reamer

6. Which one of the following shoulders is used on components to be threaded ?
A. Square shoulder
B. Radius shoulder
C. Undercut shoulder
D. Beveled shoulder

7. A tool, which is used to enlarge a previously drilled hole is known as
A. Facing tool
B. Turning tool
C. Form tool
D. Boring tool

8. What is the advantage of tailstock spindle having left-handed threads?
A. Avoid advancement of barrel when rotated clockwise
B. Ensure that the barrel advances with clockwise movement of hand wheel
C. Reduce the tendency for excessive movement of the barrel
D. Avoid jamming of spindle and hand wheel

9. During drilling the work must be firmly held by
A. machine vice or clamp
B. hand
C. bench vice
D. drill chuck

10. If the lead screw has 6 TPI and there are 4 numbered divisions in the chasing dial, which one of the following will be the teeth worm wheel of chasing dial ?
A. 48 teeth
B. 24 teeth
C. 18 teeth
D. 12 teeth

11. What is the trouble when grinding wheel fails to cut in a grinding machine ?
A. Grinding wheel's grade is too soft
B. Grinding wheel is glazed
C. Grinding wheel is not securely mounted on spindle
D. Too much feed is given

12. Which of the following is not the part of a combination set?
A. stock
B. Protractor head
C. Square head
D. Centre head

13. Which one of the following is not the cost due to an accident?
A. Cost due to damage to machine, tools, material and property
B. Cost of lost time of the injured person
C. Cost of compensation and medical aid
D. Cost due to increase in production

14. To prevent lathe bed guideways from damaging by chuck while mounting
A. Take the help of the supervisor
B. Support it with screw jack
C. Lift it with hand crane
D. Place a wooden piece on the guideways

15. A M30 thread is rough cut using a thread roughing tool. Which one of the following is the correct procedure for aligning the finishing tool with the thread groove ?
A. Work stationary, tool adjusted and positioned in the groove by compound slide and cross slide
B. Work stationary, tool adjusted and positioned in the groove by carriage hand wheel and cross slide hand wheel
C. Work revolving, half nut engaged, tool positioned in the groove by compound slide and cross slide
D. Work revolving, half nut engaged, tool positioned in the groove by carriage and cross slide hand wheels

16. The value of one thimble scale division in a metric micrometer is ...
A. 1 mm
B. 0.5 mm
C. 0.02 mm
D. 0.01 mm

17. Which one of the following processes by which steel is heated to the required temperature and then cooled slowly in the furnace itself ?
A. Tempering
B. Hardening
C. Nitriding
D. Annealing

18. What is used to make a small indentation (centre hole) in sheet metal?
A. Center Punch
B. Needle
C. Pencil
D. Scribber

19. Which fuel gas is used for cutting deep under water?
A. Acetylene
B. Hydrogen
D. Methane

20. Which among the following tools is used for flattening the metal around punched hole ?
A. Ball pane hammer
B. Riveting hammer
C. Setting hammer
D. Sledge hammer

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