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Mock Paper - Medical PG Entrace by Dr K Chaudhry : Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063 T: 1142316457, 9810571993
Mock Paper - Medical PG Entrace by Dr Chaudhry : Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063 T: 1142316457, 9810571993
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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. Thoracic duct receives tributaries from all the following except
A. Bilateral ascending lumbar ducts 
B. Bilateral descending thoracic ducts 
C. Left upper intercostal ducts 
D. Right bronchomediastinal lymphatic trunk 

2. Injury to medial cord of brachial plexus' results in injury to
A. Medial part of median nerve 
B. Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm 
C. Ulnar nerve 
D. All these 

3. Persistent truncus arteriosus occurs due to
A. Failure of conotruncal ridge to fuse and descend towards the ventricles 
B. Anterior displacement of aorticopulmonary septum 
C. Aorticopulmonary septum not following its spiral course 
D. Migration of neural crest cells towards truncal & bulbar ridges 

4. Following statements describe the epithelial lining of various body tubes. Choose the correct statement
A. Ileum: brush bordered columnar epithelium 
B. Proximal prostatic urethra: Transitional epithelium 
C. Mucosa below pectinate line: Keratinised stratified squamous 
D. Respiratory bronchiole: Pseudostratified ciliated columnar 

5. Non-spiral course of conotruncal septum gives rise to
A. Tetrology of Fallot 
B. Patent truncus arteriosus 
C. Transposition of great vessels 
D. Coarctation of aorta 

6. Following individuals show presence of Barr body EXCEPT
A. normal female 
B. super female 
C. Turner's syndrome 
D. Klinefelter's syndrome 

7. Untrue about Hirschsprung disease
A. Occurs due to non-migration of neural crest cells 
B. Developmental failure Auerbach and Meissner’s plexus in the gut 
C. Distal large intestine is aperistaltic and spastic 
D. Absent sympathetic activity in the affected region 

8. In polio contracture of the iliotibial tract leads to all except
A. Hip flexion and abduction 
B. Lateral rotation of tibia 
C. Knee flexion 
D. Varus deformity at knee 

9. If median nerve is injured at the wrist then loss of function of all of the foll. will take place except:
A. Lumbrical muscles to index finger 
B. Lumbrical muscles to middle finger 
C. Muscles of thenar eminence 
D. Adductor pollicis 

10. A uterine support that extends from the cervix and the lateral fornices of the vagina to the pelvic wall
A. Broad ligament 
B. Round ligament of the uterus 
C. Suspensory ligament of the ovary 
D. Cardinal ligament 

11. Normally, the ratio of PaCO2 and plasma HCO3 is:
A. 1.2 
B. 1.4 
C. 1.6 
D. 1.8 

12. The release of androgens from the adrenal cortex is stimulated mainly by:
A. LH 
D. GnRH 

13. The most alkaline exocrine secretion is:
A. bile 
B. pancreatic juice 
C. intestinal juice 
D. saliva 

14. Uptake of potassium into cells is enhanced by which of the following hormones / mechanisms?
A. Thyroid hormones 
B. Insulin 
C. Beta-adrenergic receptor activation 
D. All these 

15. Which of the following zones in the adrenal cortex does not normally express 17 alpha hydroxylase?
A. Zona glomerulosa 
B. Zona fasciculata 
C. Zona reticularis 
D. All these 

16. When contraction occurs,
A. The H and I bands get smaller. 
B. The width of the A band remains constant. 
C. The Z lines move closer together. 
D. All these 

17. Vitamin K deficiency coagulation factors include:
A. II and III 
B. IX and X 
C. III and V 
D. VIII and XII 

18. Type IIA skeletal muscle fibers:
A. are called fast oxidative, glycolytic fibers. 
B. are innervated by fast motor units resistant to fatigue. 
C. have fast myosin ATPase activity. 
D. All these 

19. In normal healthy adults on a daytime work shift, at what time does pineal hormone peak in blood?
A. 2 am 
B. 8 am 
C. 2 pm 
D. 8 pm 

20. Vitamin B12 is mainly absorbed in the:
A. terminal ileum 
B. upper jejunum 
C. duodenum 
D. stomach 

21. A monoclonal antibody (mAb) specific for the 2,4-dinitrophenyl (DNP) hapten might also bind
A. Leu or Ileu 
B. His or Pro 
C. Tyr or Phe 
D. Ser or Thr 

22. The IPTG is a gratuitous inducers of (ß-galactosidase, and x-gal is a chromogenic substrate. When a-complementation occurs which colour is produced?
A. Blue 
B. White 
C. Brown 
D. No colour is produced 

23. Food with maximum Cholesterol content
A. Egg 
B. Coconut Oil 
C. Hydrogenated Fats 
D. Ghee (Hydrogenated) 

24. Humans are unable to digest
A. starch 
B. complex carbohydrates 
C. denatured proteins 
D. cellulose 

25. Double stranded DNA denaturation with specified limit of temperature is
A. reversible reaction 
B. irreversible reaction 
C. either (a) or (b) 
D. none of these 

26. The lac operon is transcribed in which segments?
A. 1 
B. 2 
C. 3 
D. 4 

27. Which of the following represents a correct ordering of the events that occur during the respiration of glucose in the absence of O2?
A. Glycolysis; citric acid cycle; oxidative phosphorylation 
B. Glycolysis; oxidative phosphorylation; citric acid cycle 
C. Oxidative phosphorylation; citric acid cycle; glycolysis 
D. Glycolysis; fermentation 

28. Which of these genes codes for a protein that plays a role in white blood cell function?
A. DCP1 
D. RP13 

29. Papain digest IgG into
A. two Fab fragments and one Fc fragment 
B. three Fab fragments and two Fc fragments 
C. two Fab fragments and two Fc fragments 
D. three Fab fragments and three Fc fragments 

30. Antibodies can be used
A. for the localization of proteins in the cell 
B. for protein purification 
C. to catalyze chemical reactions 
D. all of the above 

31. Foreign body giant cells are seen in :
A. Tuberculosis 
B. Syphilis 
C. Actinomycosis 
D. All of these 

32. The intestinal villi are swollen and distended. There is accumulation of large granular macrophages, containing material which stains strongly withperiodic acid schiff, in the lamina
A. Secondary steatorrhoea 
B. Sprue 
C. Coeliac disease 
D. Whipple's disease 

33. Pernicious anaemia is :
A. Microcytic hypochromic 
B. Microcytic normochromic 
C. Macrocytic hypochromic 
D. Macrocytic normochromic 

34. Mucus is a combination of mucopolysaccharides with :
A. Minerals 
B. Proteins 
C. Connective tissue 
D. Starch 

35. A synonym for amyloidosis is :
A. alpha-fibrillosis 
B. beta-fibrillosis 
C. gamma-fibrillosis 
D. Cysteinosis 

36. A tumour affecting only one segment of a blood vessel to the skin or mucous membrane of the nose is most likely a :
A. Sclerosing haemangioma 
B. Capillary haemangioma 
C. Cavernous haemangioma 
D. Haemangio-endothelioma 

37. Each of the following pairs is correctly associated EXCEPT
A. air embolism - deep sea diving.  
B. tumour arterial embolism - pulmonary infarct.  
C. fat embolism - fractures of long bones.  
D. paradoxical embolism - atrial septal defect 

38. The following are all actions of bradykinin EXCEPT
A. increased vascular permeability.  
B. activation of complement pathway.  
C. smooth muscle contraction.  
D. dilation of blood vessels 

39. The colour of haemosiderin is :
A. Black 
B. Brown 
C. Yellowish brown 
D. Golden yellow 

40. Calcification of media is most related to :
A. Atherosclerosis 
B. Monckeberg's sclerosis 
C. Diffuse arteriolar sclerosis 
D. Thrombotic sclerosis 

41. The solidifying agent commonly used in preparation of media is/are
A. agar 
B. silica gel 
C. both (a) and (b) 
D. none of these 

42. A bacterial food intoxication refers to
A. illness caused by presence of pathogens 
B. food borne illness caused by the presence of a bacterial toxin formed in food 
C. both A and B 
D. none of the above 

43. In a 5 year old boy who has history of pyogenic infections by bacteria with polysaccharide-rich capsules, which of the following investigations should be done?
A. IgA deficiency 
B. IgG1 deficiency 
C. IgG2 deficiency 
D. IgA and IgG2 deficiency 

44. Reverse transcriptase is a useful enzyme to have when
A. an RNA virus converts its RNA to DNA 
B. there are no host cells present 
C. nutrients are scarce 
D. spikes are forming in the new virus 

45. Nutrient content and biological structures are considered as
A. implicit factor for microbial growth 
B. intrinsic factor for microbial growth 
C. processing factor 
D. none of the above 

46. Which of the coxsackieviruses can cause herpangina?
A. Group A 
B. Group B 
C. Both A and B 
D. None of these 

47. Which of the following toxin causing botulism is less toxic to human beings?
A. Type A 
B. Type B 
C. Type C 
D. None of these 

48. The bacteria which is novobiocin resistant is
A. Staphylococcus aureus 
B. S epidermidis 
C. S saprophyticus 
D. None of these 

49. Special stain fungus ?
A. Masson Trichrome 
B. Silver Methamine stain 
C. Alizarin Red 
D. Congo Red 

50. Which of the following is a food infection?
A. Salmonellois 
B. Botulism 
C. Staphylococcal intoxication 
D. None of these 

51. Tick the drug used for trichomoniasis treatment:
A. Metronidazole 
B. Suramin 
C. Pyrimethamine 
D. Tetracycline 

52. A nonselective beta receptor agonist causes all of the following effects EXCEPT:
A. Increase cardiac output 
B. Increase peripheral arterial resistance 
C. Decrease peripheral arterial resistance 
D. Decrease the mean pressure 

53. Which of the following is the action of the indirect-acting sympathomimetic drug cocaine?
A. Stimulator of NET (uptake 1) 
B. Inhibitor of NET (uptake 1) 
C. Stimulator of VMAT (uptake 2) 
D. Inhibitor of VMAT (uptake 2) 

54. Tick the antibacterial drug – a quinolone derivative:
A. Nitrofurantoin 
B. Nalidixic acid 
C. Streptomycin 
D. Metronidazole 

55. Pick out the right statement:
A. Microsomal oxidation always results in inactivation of a compound 
B. Microsomal oxidation results in a decrease of compound toxicity 
C. Microsomal oxidation results in an increase of ionization and water solubility of a drug 
D. Microsomal oxidation results in an increase of lipid solubility of a drug thus its excretion from the organism is facilitated 

56. Crack is a derivative of:
A. Opium 
C. Cocaine 
D. Cannabis 

57. Indicate the CNS stimulant, which is a piperidine derivative:
A. Meridil 
B. Amphetamine 
C. Caffeine 
D. Sydnophen 

58. Serotonin syndrome is a result of:
A. Increased stores of monoamine 
B. Significant accumulation of amine neurotransmitters in the synapses 
C. A and B 
D. Depleted stores of biogenic amines 

59. Rifampin has the following unwanted effect:
A. Dizziness, headache 
B. Loss of hair 
C. Flu-like syndrome, tubular necrosis 
D. Hepatotoxicity 

60. Tick praziquantel mechanism of action:
A. Blocking acetylcholine transmission at the myoneural junction and paralysis of helminthes 
B. Inhibiting microtubule synthesis in helminthes and irreversible impairment of glucose uptake 
C. Increasing cell membrane permeability for calcium, resulting in paralysis, dislodgement and death of helminthes 
D. Inhibiting oxidative phosphorylation in some species of helminthes 

Forensic medicine
61. Caustic poison corrodes mucosa because ?
A. It has glue like action 
B. It has affinity for mucosa 
C. It is programmed to stick 
D. It is hygroscopic 

62. Cross examination of prosecution witness is done by,
A. Prosecutor form Outside, 
B. Defense Lawyer,  
C. Public Prosecutor, 
D. Police. 

63. Infective form for mosquito in Plasmodium falciparum is –
A. Merozoites 
B. Trophozoites 
C. Gametocytes 
D. Sporozoites 

64. Antemortem burn differ from postmortem burns by all except –
A. inflammatory red line 
B. Pus in vesicle 
C. Vesicle with hyperemic base 
D. Vesicle containing air 

65. A case of murder with gunshot is reporte
A. A metal bullet is recovered from the body. Primary and Secondary markings on a metal bullet can be used for 
B. Identification of weapon 
C. To know the range of firing 
D. Severity of tissue damage 

66. The Poison found in highest concentration in various organs on postmortem examination
A. Arsenic 
B. Mercury 
C. iron 
D. Copper 

67. Farmer presents with the features of high fever painful inguinal lymphadenopathy, vomiting and diarrhea with hypotension. Which stain will help in the diagnosis?
A. McFadyean’s stain 
B. Alberts stain 
C. Wayson’s stain 
D. Neisser stain 

68. The temperature of the body rises up for the first two hours after death
A. Sun-stroke 
B. Frost-bite 
C. Septicaemia 
D. Tetanus 

69. A woman died within 5 years of marriage under suspicious circumstances. Her parents complained that her in laws used to frequently demand for dowry. Under which of the following sections can a magistrate authorize autopsy of the case:
A. Section 174 CrPc 
B. Section 302 IPC 
C. Section 304 IPC 
D. Section 176 CrPc 

70. In severe burns, the remanent indicative of male sex is
A. Penis 
B. Testicle 
C. Inguinal canal 
D. Prostate gland 

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