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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the most appropriate answer :

1. The perforator veins below the knee connects the great saphenous or posterior arch vein with
A. Anterior tibal vein 
B. Short saphenous vein 
C. Posterior tibal vein 
D. Popliteal vein 

2. True about sympathetic chain is
A. Totally it has 31 ganglia 
B. Myelinated post ganglionic fibers 
C. Passes from skull to coccyx 
D. White rami are present at all levels 

3. Which of the following structures does not pass through the thoracic inlet near the midline?
A. Stemothyroid muscle 
B. Sternohyoid muscle 
C. Thymic vestiges 
D. Pulmonary apex 

4. Angeion is a Greek word which means:
A. blood vessel 
B. lymph vessel 
C. cardiac vessel 
D. vessel 

5. Even if thrombosis is present in the coronary sinus, which of the following cardiac veins might remain normal in diameter
A. Middle cardiac vein 
B. Anterior cardiac vein 
C. Small cardiac vein 
D. Oblique cardiac vein 

6. The projecting ridges in the ventricular wall giving it the spongy appearance areknown as:
A. musculi pectinati 
B. sulcus terminalis 
C. crista terminalis 
D. trabeculae carneae 

7. Mallet finger is a common traumatic lesion resulting in flexion deformity of distal interphalangeal joint. The basic pathology of this condition is
A. Avulsion fracture of middle phalanx 
B. Rupture of collateral slips of extensor expansion 
C. Rupture of central slip of extensor expansion 
D. Dislocation of distal interphalangeal joint 

8. A 3 year old girl has a lesion of the upper trunk of the brachial plexus (Erb-Duchenne paralysis). Which of the following is not observed in this patient
A. Damage to nerve fibers from ventral primary rami of C5 and C6 
B. Paralysis of the Infraspinatus 
C. Arm tending to lie in medial rotation 
D. Flexion at metecarpophalangeal & interphalangeal joints 

9. Mitral cells are present in
A. Kidney 
B. Mitral valve 
C. Olfactory tract 
D. Optic nerve 

10. Flexor pollicis longus has the same innervation as of the following muscle
A. Flexor digitorum superficialis 
B. Palmaris longus 
C. Pronator teres 
D. Flexor digitorum profundus of middle finger 

11. The transient loss of the ability to discriminate between blue and green following the use of sildenafil is due to inhibition of:cGMP-PDE3
D. D 

12. Which of the following hormone peaks during the mid-luteal phase?
A. Inhibin B 
C. LH 
D. GnRH 

13. The normal resting cardiac muscle cell is most permeable to:
A. Na 
B. K 
C. Ca 
D. Cl 

14. In an isotonic contraction,
A. Muscle tension exceeds the resistance and the muscle shortens. 
B. Tension rises and the skeletal muscle length changes. 
C. The peak tension developed is less than the resistance. 
D. The muscle as a whole does not change length. 

15. Insulin secretion from beta cells of pancreas in response to a glucose load is mediated by:
A. GLUT 1 
B. GLUT 2 
C. GLUT 3 
D. GLUT 4 

16. Physiologically, an intact innervated muscle can normally be made to contract by stimulation of which of the following neurons innervating that muscle?
A. ?-motor neurons 
B. ?-motor neurons 
C. ?-motor neurons 
D. Either A or C 

17. A motor unit consists of:
A. a skeletal muscle and all the neurons that supply it 
B. a nerve and all of the skeletal muscles supplied by it 
C. all of the neurons that stimulate a single action 
D. a neuron and all of the skeletal muscle fibers that it stimulates 

18. Which of the following defines the pressure in the vascular system in the absence of blood flow?
A. Pulse pressure  
B. Critical closing pressure  
C. Mean circulatory pressure  
D. Perfusion pressure 

19. Patients with sexual precocity are apt to be dwarf because of:
A. increased levels of androgens 
B. the estrogen surge during precocious puberty 
C. deficiency of androgen receptors 
D. increased levels of thyroxine 

20. The enhancement of penile erectile function produced by sildenafil citrate is primarily because of inhibition of:

21. Which of the following organelles is directly connected to the outer membrane of the nucleus in a eukaryotic cell?
A. Mitochondrion 
B. Lysosome 
C. Golgi apparatus 
D. Endoplasmic reticulum 

22. The Hill coefficient (nH) for myoglobin and hemoglobin are respectively
A. 2.8 and 1.0 
B. 1.0 and 2.8 
C. 1.2 and 4.5 
D. 4.5 and 1.2 

23. The type II restriction endonucleases, bind to DNA sites
A. using H-bonds for specificity 
B. that are usually palindromic 
C. using non-sequence-dependent backbone interactions 
D. all of the above 

24. Homocystinuria is due to abnormal metabolism of
A. Methionine 
B. Valine 
C. Cysteine 
D. Leucine 

25. 2,3- BPG binds to ---- sites of hemoglobin and ------the affinity for oxygen
A. 4, decreases 
B. 1, decreases 
C. 4, increases 
D. 1, increases 

26. During successful purification scheme, this may be expected that the
A. specific activity increases 
B. specific activity decreases 
C. number of proteins in the sample decreases 
D. both (a) and (c) 

27. Thin layer chromatography is
A. partition chromatography 
B. electrical mobility of ionic species 
C. adsorption chromatography 
D. none of the above 

28. All of the following amino acids are converted to Succinyl-CoA EXCEPT
A. Methionine 
B. Isoleucine 
C. Valine 
D. Leucine 

29. Which of the following is not a necessary component of translation?
A. Anticodon 
B. mRNA 
C. Ligase 
D. Amino acid 

30. Which of the following enzymes does not participate in oxidation reduction reaction?
A. Dehydrogenase 
B. Peroxidases 
C. Hydroxyperoxidase 
D. Oxygenase 

31. Characteristic of primary syphilis :
A. Hunterian chancre 
B. Incubation period 1-10 days 
C. Positive Wassermann reaction 
D. Exudate contains chiefly polymorphs 

32. Commonest variety of acute inflammation is :
A. Purulent inflamation 
B. Serous inflammation 
C. Catarrhal inflammation 
D. Necrotic inflammation 

33. Vascular changes in pulmonary hypertension are most similar to those in :
A. Essential hypertension 
B. Pulmonary infarct 
C. Pulmonary embolism 
D. Aspiration pneumonia 

34. The Pulmonary alveoli are stuffed with blood. Their outlines are not visible as the alveolar walls are necrosed. Thrombosis of blood vessels is considerable. The findings are
A. Shock 
B. Myocardial ischaemia 
C. Pulmonary infarction 
D. Haemorrhagic pneumonia 

35. Nephrolithiasis is predisposed by deficiency of :
A. Vitamin A 
B. Vitamin B 
C. Vitamin C 
D. Vitamin D 

36. The term 'necrosis' means :
A. Irreversible degeneration of the cells 
B. Gross diminution in Cell size 
C. Death of the cells 
D. Disintegration of the cells 

37. In diabetes mellitus the cells of the distal portion of proximal convoluted tubules contain :
A. Siderin 
B. Amyloid 
C. Glycogen 
D. Mucoprotein 

38. A 50- year old male presents with large bowel type diarrhea and rectal bleeding. On sigmoidoscopy, a cauliflower like growth is seen in the rectum. Colectomy specimen on histopathology shows adenocarcinom
A. Which of the following prognostic investigations is not required? 
B. Microsatellite instability 
C. c-myc mutations 
D. EGFR mutations 

39. ARDS is due to a defect in
A. Type 1 pneumocytes 
B. Type 2 pneumocytes 
C. Clara cells  
D. Endothelial cells 

40. Anaemia in ankylostomiasis is most likely to resemble anaemia due to :
A. Pregnancy 
B. Excessive menstruation 
C. Haemolysis 
D. Malaria 

41. Which of the following infection(s) can be diagnosed by the use of polymerase chain reaction?
A. HIV-1 and HIV-2 viruses 
B. Hepatitis B virus 
C. Mycobacterium tuberculosis 
D. All of these 

42. Isozymes or iso enzymes are those enzyme which
A. have same structural forms 
B. have different structural forms but identical catalytic properties 
C. catalyses oxidation reactions 
D. none of these 

43. Polymerase chain reaction basically consists of
A. two steps 
B. three steps 
C. four steps 
D. five steps 

44. Which of the antibiotic is not used as a food preservative ?
A. Pimaricin 
B. Nisin 
C. Tylosin 
D. -lactam antibiotic 

45. In which of the following uracil is present?
C. Both A and B 
D. None of these 

46. Which of the following structures is the smallest?
A. Viriod 
B. Hydrogen atom 
C. Bacterium 
D. Mitochondrion 

47. Viruses require __________ for growth.
A. bacteria 
B. plants 
C. animals 
D. living cells 

48. Bulgarian butter milk is made with the help of
A. Lactobacillus bulgaricus 
B. Streptococcus lactis 
C. Streptococcus thermophilus 
D. S. cremoris 

49. Marinated (sour pickled) fish should not have spoilage problems unless
A. the acid content is very high 
B. the acid content is low enough 
C. the acid content is moderate 
D. none of the above 

50. All of the following are features of prokaryotes except
A. nitrogen fixation 
B. photosynthesis 
C. sexual reproduction 
D. locomotion 

51. The most readily absorbed oral cardiac glycoside is:
A. Digitoxin 
B. Lanatoside 
C. Oabaine 
D. K-strophanthin 

52. Which of the following organ hormones is a target for growth hormone (somatotropine, GH)?
A. Glucocorticoids 
B. Insulin-like growth factors (IGF, somatomedins) 
C. Triiodthyronine 
D. Testosterone 

53. Which of the following pairs of drug and its indication is matched incorrectly?
A. Carbamazepine - treatment of falciparum malaria involving meninges 
B. Octreotide - treatment of diarrhea associated with vasoactive intestinal peptide tumours 
C. Desmopressin- treatment of diabetes insipidus 
D. hCG treatment of infertility in men and women 

54. What is added with drug subclassification, such as an antitubercular drug versus an antibacterial drug?
A. Cost 
B. Size 
C. Ionization 
D. Precision 

55. Insulin can not be administered by:
A. Oral route 
B. Intravenous route 
C. Subcutaneous route 
D. Intramuscular route. 

56. Which of the following muscular relaxants causes hypotension and bronchospasm?
A. Vecuronium 
B. Succinylcholine 
C. Tubocurarine 
D. Rapacuronium 

57. Which of the following antipsychotic drugs has high affinity for D2 and 5-HT2 receptors?
A. Droperidol 
B. Clozapine 
C. Thiothixene 
D. Risperidone 

58. Indicate the drug that cause metabolic alkalosis:
A. Sodium bicarbonate 
B. Cimetidine 
C. Pepto-Bismol 
D. Carbenoxolone 

59. Elderly patients often have ____ muscle mass and thus a(n) ____ Vd.
A. More; Increased 
B. More; Decreased 
C. Less; Increased 
D. Less; Decreased 

60. M3 receptor subtype is located:
A. In the myocardium 
B. In sympathetic postganglionic neurons 
C. On effector cell membranes of glandular and smooth muscle cells 
D. On the motor end plates 

Forensic medicine
61. A teacher slapped a student and the student suffered from 25% hearing loss which was healed by surgery. What kind of injury is it ?
A. Dangerous 
B. Simple 
D. Griveous 

62. Thanatology is the science that deals with
A. Heinous crimes 
B. Effect of metals on body 
C. Psychiatric influences over body 
D. Death 

63. Which of the following drug is used for Narcoanalysis?
A. Atropine 
B. Phenobarbitone 
C. Scopolamine 
D. Pethidine 

64. Lightening flash can cause injury by all of the following, except:
A. Direct effect of electric current 
B. Expanded and repelled air 
C. Super Heated air 
D. Compressed air pushed in front of the current 

65. The height of child is double the birth height at the age of :
A. I year 
B. 2 years 
C. 4 years 
D. 6 years 

66. Time limit for exhumation in India
A. 5 years 
B. 10 years 
C. 20 years 
D. No limit 

67. Heat stiffening in muscles occurs above temperature
A. 30C 
B. 40C 
C. 50C 
D. 60C 

68. Most sensitive investigation for diagnosis of asymptomatic chlamydial infection
A. Direct microscopic examination of tissue scraping 
B. Nucleic acid amplification 
C. Serology 
D. Culture 

69. Primary impact injuries are commonly seen on:
A. Abdomen 
B. Legs 
C. Chest 
D. Head 

70. Which of the following is a signature fracture
A. Depressed fracture 
B. Ring fracture 
C. Separation of sutures 
D. Pond fracture 

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